November 2016
The 15th years label's party has been scheduled the 4th of November in Grenoble at La Belle Electrique (Bar). Some Posthume artists will provide there dj sets and lives
Here the Facebook event
Local press as Le Petit Bulletin or GreNews talked about the event!
August 2016
3 years after the original released version, several ones have been done since then.... Please enjoy these different remixes including special guest Zen Diagrams (Skinner of Black Monolith)
Get the versions of Hibou - Parfois, Le Monstre Du Placard Ne Me Parle Pas (Feat Miss Keephic)
Here a nice collection of Contagious Sense, to celebrate the 15th years of the label, enjoy! Best Sense
June 2016
15th years of productions, an anthology of Posthume Records, get it for free
Posthume Records - Anthology (2001 - 2016)
May 2016
Here a Hibou set recorded in Ales in 2009, free to download. Please notice these selected trax have been revisited for this particular party
March 2016
Here a live performance of Contagious Sense (Hibou & Sandra C. electro side project), recorded in Ales in 2009. Get it free!
A recent Hibou Dj Set has been recorded at the Drak-Art Grenoble, enjoy
February 2016
Un portrait de Hibou on a French magazine "Le Petit Bulletin"
Here a reedition of a previous Hibou release on OFF DEA in 2007 "A Suicide In Heaven". This version includes remixes by Leeloo and Embrionyc
First exhibition of Steph Hibou as a photograher, don't miss this event at the Bauhaus Bar Grenoble France, Monday the 8th of February
January 2016
I wish to all a great and pleasant new year. As seen previously the label is celebrating now its 15th anniversary. To start this special event, please find the first release of the year. "93 242" 2 covers made by Hibou between 2006 and 2009 and unpublished till now. Get it for free
December 2015
Posthume Records will celebrate its 15 years anniversary, stay tuned! Best of, unreleased trax, special featuring, you will be spoiled
September 2015
After several years of collab, Leeloo meets Hibou finally for a proper versus EP. Between Techno and Industrial they bring together dancefloor tunes and dark melodies.
Please note a special version of Infernal Noise and adding his Hardcore touch on this release

Get it here

July 2015
Brand new mix of Hibou recorded at Welcome "Fete de la musique" (electro-industrial and electro-dark oriented). Please get the mix here
June 2015
This is Hibou's farewell release, closing 15 years of production. He has crossed since then Hardcore, Industrial, Downtempo, Ambient, Electro, Breaks and so on ....
He would like to thank you for your support, help, bookings, collabs. Est venu le temps du voyage triste.......
Get the release via Bancamp
April 2015
Hibou is back to Hardcore with a special one-shot Rhymthic Noise set recorded at the party Dealer De Beat#8, you can get it through Toxic Sickness Radio Noisecast 18
March 2015
Another awesome artist from Grenoble to pay attention to, please welcome David F. on Personal Monster Recordings. Between Dubstep, Downtempo and Cinematic, David F. provides a fantastic travel into a deep atmosphere.
February 2015
Here comes Lokom on Personal Monster Rec, an intelligent mixture of powerful shapes, abstract aspects, a clever selection of sounds for a deep atmosphere result. A release party is scheduled at La Mezzanine 112 Grenoble France Saturday the 28th of February. Don't miss it.
January 2015
Happy new year and all the best to all of you. We are starting this year with a "Contagious Sense" release, the side project of Sandra C. and Hibou. Please notice the great remixes from Andrew Claristidge and Shaman Urbain.
New online Artworks from brilliant artists, don't miss them.
Novembre 2014
Hibou has raised this year a new side project called "Strangeries Of Love". Downtempo oriented, the first release is enhanced by Miss Keephic who has provided both lyrics and vocals. Destiny is about the way of life and our own believes and interpretation of the free wheel, a video will also take place by the end of the month.
Septembre 2014
It was a long path until the new "The Martyrs Of Doom" production could finally be released this September. All my apologies to all the contributors for the wait and thank you very much for your appreciated patience. It took so farmore than 2 years to complete and schedule and here the result. Please enjoy this "Rapture" featuring brilliant artists as Raum 107, Ciguë, Lord Sinister and much more ....
Avant-premiere of "Strangeries Of Love" at Bauhaus Bar 20 rue Chenoise Grenoble Friday the 26th of September. Projection of the video clip and also its extended version. Debat about the destiny topic hosted by Miss Keephic, followed by DJ sets of Hibou and Youpidou.
August 2014
Hibou has provided an exclusive mix to Dark Like Hell Rec as Podcast DLHPodcast005, a Dark Ambient selection available here (with a glass of red wine and a background candle).
July 2014
Hibou has raised a new side project called "Strangeries Of Love", a trip-hop/downtempo oriented including vocals. The first release will be out this fall feat Miss Keephic. Here a preview to introduce the project.
Hibou will play Dark Ambient, Neofolk and Neoclassical at Bauhaus Bar Grenoble on Friday the 18th of July. A session enhanced by interactive visuals by Dom.
A recorded DJ set is online here.
June 2014
Here comes the third "This Mortal Core" album. As usual all Posthume members collaborate together to bring an unique release. From Downtempo to Hardcore, sometimes Industrial, sometimes Doom, but always in the same dark shapes and deep melodies. Each artist brings his own touch and by his contribution makes this project still alive. Don't miss "La Grimace Du Monde".
The Bauhaus Bar is celebrating its first year! Hibou will play there with Youpidou and Le Lailai as a VJ. Friday the 13th of June, 20 rue chenoise Grenoble. Here the Facebook event for details.
May 2014
Dark Like Hell Recods presents a new VA compilation. "Scream From Darkness (Dark Edition)" is the first part including Neptunium, Just A Pilgrim, Hibou and much more .....
April 2014
2 DJ set this week, the first one concerns Downtempo, Electronica and Synthpop at O'Brother K'fe Grenoble Wednesday the 9th of April. Hibou and special guest Acid Bart (TPR, Welcome)
Hibou is playing EBM, Goth, Industrial, Indie @ Dark 80's with special guest Malefice. Saturday the 12th Bauhaus Bar Grenoble.
"Feminies (Series 2)" is out and this time explore the gloomy side. From Dark Ambient to Hardcore, Abstract to Industrial, a large panel of deep atmospheres.
Provokation Records presents "Vicious Temporal Friendship", a limited 100 copies vinyl. The Deathmaker various collaboration with David Lagon, Budburnerz, Infernal Noise and Hibou. Check it via Toolbox Distribution, it won't be long!
March 2014
"Feminines" will spotlight the women of Posthume. Splitted in two series to bring two sides, two approaches, two different feelings as the light and the dark part. Please get the "lighted" part this month.
Hibou recorded set at NRDS 10 years anniversary is available on Mixcloud, 100% Posthume Rec tracks selected!
New Artworks are online! New models and photographers provided their way, their touch, enjoy their work don't miss it.
February 2014
Hibou has been invited as a guest to "Dreaming Back To Futur" at the Bauhaus Bar Grenoble FR, on Saturday the first of February (Dark Ambient Set)
NRDS 10 years celebration party @ Le Club32 Sathonay-Camp. Friday the 14th of February with The Deathmaker, Middle M, David Lagon, Burdurnerz, Infernal Noise and Hibou. From 30 to 300 BPM deviant Hardcore.
A new Dark Ambient mix of Hibou has been recorded and uploaded over the net! "Zone D'Ombres" is between a war zone and a no man's land.
A deep selection, from Dark Ambient to Martial, including a special ending into the light.
New posters have been added to the photography section "Captured Moments"
For those who missed the interview at RMG Netradio, here the link to get it through Youtube.
Several Artworks have been uploaded! New models and photographers provided their work and their touch, please have a look.
January 2014
Happy new year and best wishes. Let's start the year with a release from Just A Pilgrim "Broyer Du Noir", which combines a deep and a dark atmosphere.
In addition, several remixes as Industrial, IDM, Hardcore, Drum N'Bass have been provided by Dr Strange, LowTek and Valvegod. Check it out!
A Hibou interview has been scheduled for the 29th of January at RMG Netradio. Presenting current and forthcoming releases and parties.
"Made In Gre" @ Radio Malherb
December 2013
New items have been added into the "Captures Moments" photo department.
November 2013
14anger has joined Posthume with "Church Of The XIV", a powerful Techno and Industrial IDM release including two brilliant remixes from Shaman Urbain and Wapwap! Check it now!
Hibou and Tall Ced will play Ambient, Downtempo, Trip-Hop and Dubstep on Saturday the 23rd of November @ Bauhaus, 20 Rue Chenoise Grenoble (free entrance)
New items have been added in "Captured Moments", the photography section.
October 2013
A new department has been raised at Posthume. It concerns Photography, a new support/media to talk about shapes, curves, feelings and emotions. Please welcome "Captured Moments"
September 2013
Hibou will play in Belgium Friday the 27th of September at "This is Hardcore 4 Years // Special Bartoch B-Day"
Line up: Bartoch, Noisekick, The Punisher, Section Grabuge, Stocker, Cyane, MD.Emma, Glutrix, The Snipper.
Location: vzw Minus One Opgeeïstenlaan 455, 9000 Gent, Belgium
"Loneliness" is the first experimental short film written, directed and produced by Hibou. Watch the video here
A fresh Dj Set has been uploaded, Hibou @ 20 Ans Du Petit Bulletin. A special lounge set to celebrate the event.
August 2013
A video has been made for "Hibou - Parfois, Le Monstre Du Placard Ne Me Parle Pas". Miss Keephic in a face to face with the creature. Watch it here
July 2013
Another Artwork from Jessica Rispal's great work. "Face the density"!
June 2013
Hibou's third album "Contes Pour Fantomes En Mal D'Aventures Extraordinaires" is out! A dark ambient oriented one, feat special guests. Grab a glass of red wine, light up a candle to fulfil the experience.
Hibou is back on Dark Descent Rec with "Born In Darkness" an Industrial dark techno track. DJ Freak provided his harsh freaky visionary remix and also a bonus track.
Another great Jessica Rispal's work. Her site has been updated, please visit
May 2013
As announced previously, here the second part of the "Kill Her" project. This part includs a :Graustufe: Variation and another Ncall Requiem remix.
As the first part, this release is free to download, you can get it here.
Hibou on Digital Statement Edition. Please check this amazing and powerful release featuring Sandra C. A mixture of Dark Industrial Dubstep and Electro sounds. A must have in this gender.
"La Lumière des Chevaux" is a shelter and a horse rescue centre that receives and takes care of beaten, neglected and old horses and others equines since 2009.
Hardcore Shelter has been made to help them, all benefits are going to this good cause. Please note the participation of Fifth Era, Lord Sinister, The Uninvited, Darkside, Hibou and many more!
An interview of Hibou (in French) is scheduled for the 29th of May at 6PM (GMT time zone) @RMG Webradio.
Presentation of the forthcoming album "Contes Pour Fantomes En Mal D'Aventures Extraordinaires" including guest Miss Keephic.
Antistatic Rec presents Antistatic 3.0, a complitaion including tracks of DJ Freak, Fifth Era, Lord Sinister, Desolation, Darklime, Jeff T and much more... Check it out!
April 2013
Started in the late 2011, the Kill Her remix project has been now completed and can be released. This Mortal Core remix session is providing new environments and new directions about Kill Her, a track written by Hibou and published on vinyl via Phuture Rave Records in 2001. Get the series 1 for free!
March 2013
Hibou has done a new Dark Ambient mix. Please get a glass of red wine, it is time to chill!
 I would like to thank Jessica Rispal warmly for her contribution about the ArtWork. Please visit the website to enter her world.
February 2013
An old Hibou mix has been added, it is about an Acidcore one recorded in 1997.
Hibou is currently working on his first experimental short film. The location has been found, it should take place next month for shooting.
Here a teaser of "Loneliness"
January 2013
We are still alive, Happy new year Darkies!
To start 2013 like it should be, here the first release of the year: Hibou - Foresight Versions.
Some Hibou trax have been revisited and enhanced by great artists as Embrionyc, Middle M, LeeloO Hardcoholics Feat Virtualian and, Cubic Nomad. Don't miss it.
December 2012
Merry X-Mas! Here a free experimental release combining Ragga and Hardcore to close properly the year.
This Unreleased project of Ree Doom called "Zombee Posse Brainz System" has been done between 2004 and 2005. Here comes the time to publish it!
Please notice a Hibou remix on this new Darklime release on Antistatic Records.
November 2012
The new release on Personal Monster is an Industrial Rock oriented one. Ciguë "Find Me" acts as a single of their forthcoming album "Commotion"
Play it loud! Please also remember Yann of Ciguë as a contributor on The Martyrs Of Doom and This Mortal Core projects.
The Broadway team has been reunited for a revival event 15 years later, Hibou is scheduled there for an electro EBM set.
Friday the 8th of November, Mark 13 Grenoble (France)
October 2012
Three on a raw, this fall sounds fantastic! Hibou appears on two compilations and a brand new EP.
Legion Nightname - My Name Is Legion
Please welcome "Legion Nightmare Records", a brand new French label managed by Lord Sinister. We all wish a good start and the best for this first promissing CD release.
Hibou - Remote Pleasures
Here a new Hardcore and Doomcore EP on Viral Conspiracy Records, featuring remixes of Orpheus and DJ Pollock. Free download.
Hardcore & Hardstyle - The Massacre
56 tracks by the best contemporary producers. Industrial, Hardcore and all kinds of dark tunes can be find inside including Solar Eclipse, Embrionyc, Desolation, Somatic Responses, Kompressor, Dr. Strange, Stormtrooper, Raum 107 ..... Don't miss it!
September 2012
This Mortal Core's second album "When The Stars Talk" is out!
This year, new members have joined the project, so please welcome Graustufe, Sysyphe, Litha, Middle M, The Relic, Embrionyc, Dr Strange, Ciguë, Electrodistorsion and K.L for the 2012 session.
Against all expectations, here a new mix from Hibou. 12 years have passed since the last recorded one in Paris, please note this brand new mix is not dealing with Hardcore but Dark Ambient.
August 2012
This Mortal Core's second album "When The Stars Talk" will be out this fall. 16 tracks from Dark Ambient to Hardcore, please enjoy the teaser of the release!
July 2012
The Illuminati meets Hibou for a Hybrid Industrial Dark Techno Release on Noisj. One of the tracks is dedicated to the memory of DJ Goons, a friend i met at Lille-Europe's train station in 98, dance in peace mate.
May 2012
As announced previously, here the third and the last part of the Hibou's Green Hour Project, "La Morphine Des Bohemes".
Please note the second dose by Litha, and another collaboration with The Mental Machine. Let's chase the fairy again.
Antistatic Records presents ANT21 "Doomed Nation 2101", a dark hardcore compilation featuring a Hibou exclusive track.
Please notice the participation of Lord Sinister,Fifth Era or Desolation on this release.
March 2012
Started in October 2009, Hibou's second album "The Green Hour" is now available. This release is acting as the second part of "The Green Hour Project".
Planned to be a solo album, some artists have been added during the time of its production, that's why "The Green Hour" became an entire project. Please note the participation of Sandra C. as the first one to join, then Regina P. of Copernic#, Sysyphe, Litha, and The Mental Machine.
Additional ArtWorks with a better resolution are available via the Facebook Posthume's page
January 2012
First of all, happy new year darkies!
As previously announced , this year will be dedicated to the green fairy. Hibou's Green Hour project originally planned for 2011 will be released in 3 parts from January until May 2012.
The first part called "68 Degrees" (featuring Sandra C.) is acting as a start of this atmospheric journey into the Absinthe's world. Let the chase begins.
December 2011
In order to end properly the first decade of the label, a compilation has been done to bring the essentials of Posthume Records in a single release. A collection of tracks from 2001 to 2011 including all the artists who had releasing during this period.
Get "Retrospective - The Sounds Of Posthume" here for free.
This is the last chance to grab all the OFF DEA productions freely, please get your favs before the end of December.
Another ArtWork could be done with the courtesy of Jessica Rispal, a better resolution is also available on the Facebook Posthume's page
November 2011
This is a real productive month, indeed two releases will be out in November, this has never happened in the history of the label.
First, "Raum 107 - People Surrounded By Ruins" is the second release of Personal Monster Rec. including a Raum 107's unreleased track from 1991 credited under the name "Schrilles Lauschen".
Second, another opus of "The Martyrs Of Doom - 11.11.11" feat Johell, Regina P. Copernic#, Pyron and a remix from Jeff T. & Jöhn Öz.
Please note in this release the cover of "L'Amourir", of the great Industrial Rock Band called "The Young Gods".
In addition, a video clip has been done for "L'Amourir", you can watch it here.
October 2011
Matt Green - The Remixes Infection is out! You can get it for free on Viral Conspiracy Records.
A release which includs remixes by Embrionyc, Cubic Nomad, Freethinker, DJ Freak, Hibou and many more...Check it out!
September 2011
This Mortal Core - Feel The Burn is out on Division 44 Rec, a release feat The Mental Machine, Copernic# and Hibou.
A video clip has been done by The Mental Machine to enhance this release, please watch it here.
The Deathmaker's Provokation Rec and NH USA are proud to present the "Interaktion" projet. 41 artists
from 4 continents united after the Japanese Fukushima's Nuclear Center disaster.
All benefits of this compilation will go to Japan.
July 2011
Raum 107 - New Born Porn on Dark Like Hell Records is out. A remix project feat Hibou, check it out!
Posthume Records has finally join the WikiPedia, you can now get a deep look on the history of the label.
English and French versions are available.
Some pictures of Contagious Sense 3D - Live Perf at Mark 13 France have been uploaded.
June 2011
Contagious Sense 3D - Live Perf at the Mark 13 Grenoble France is announced for the 23rd of June.
This Mortal Core Feat Trypod, The Mental Machine, Regina P. Copernic#, Raum 107, Lord Sinister, Hibou, Sandra C.,
Darkside, Kenny Kramp, Wilfuck, Adam Frost, Deathmaker, Joshua, Freeze, Pyrotoxxxn, Funeral Womb.
The first release "The Legend Of The Hanged Man's Tree" is now available, get it for free.
Better resolutions and more artists ArtWork are available on the Facebook Posthume's page
May 2011
Here a preview of "This Mortal Core - The Legend Of The Hanged Man's Tree"
An exiting project which includs most of the artists who have been in touch with Posthume Records in the past decade.
April 2011
Eric Goons left us too early, this track is dedicated to him, to his memory.
Lille -Europe is the name of the train station where we met in 1998. Dance in peace my friend.
Here his Myspace, and a tribute group page on Facebook
Some ArtWorks have been added to support the past decade.
With the courtesy of Jessica Rispal, Bertille, Stephane Roux, Sandra C.
Better resolutions available on the Facebook Posthume's page
March 2011
"Division 44 Records" is the brand new Posthume's sub-label. This label will be a numeric one, free to download.
The first release is dedicated to some tracks which haven't been published until today.
Posthume Records - The Sacred And The Damned (Demos, Versions, Unreleased, Rarities)
February 2011
To celebrate the first decade, during this year, all of the Officially Dead releases are free to download. Enjoy.
January 2011
2011 will marks the 10 years of the label. For this occasion, i would like to thank all the artists, supports, listeners and medias who have participated during this decade.
All along this year , we will release some best of, unreleased materials and a special project is currently in progress, so please stay tuned!
Hibou's first collection release including "Morgen",a track that appeared only on the Tombe 01 test pressing.
OFF DEA 11 - Hibou - (2000-2010) 10 Coffins
New video uploaded - Hibou - In Goth We Trust
November 2010
Hibou - The Black Tape (mix recorded between 1995-1997)
October 2010
Some flyers from the 90's have been added
September 2010
OFF DEA 10 - Thrill It, Grab It, Blast It (versions)
Versions release feat The Martyrs Of Doom, Virtual Embrace, Ciguë, and Moshpit
OFF DEA 09 - Break It, Dub It, Chill It (versions) is out
Versions release feat Sysyphe, Ree Doom, Kub, Commotion Mix, and Hibou
April 2010
Preview of the forthcoming Hibou's second album "The Green Hour"
January 2010
Website under construction, some pages are not yet uploaded, sorry.
Hibou at X-Bones is available
Previous 2009 news
The Martyrs of Doom - Les Deux Enfers is out
UnderDark 01 is out - Joshua vs Hibou "Inconfessable"