DLH025A VA - Scream From Darkness (Dark Edition)
May 2014
Shari DeLorian - The Rise And The Fall Of Mostar  
Neptunium - Jigsaw  
Just A Pilgrim - Boulevard Meiner Langeweile  
Tricksters - Tech Care  
Hibou - For A Miracle To Come  
ND Vidual - Signals  
  DNE - Cell Aktivity  
  Cyberstruct - Lygophilia  

PVK 3.1 Vicious Temporal Friendship
April 2014
Hibou & The Deathmaker - 20 Years With M  
Infernal Noise & The Deathmaker - It's Time  
David Lagon & The Deathmaker - Childhood Corruption  
2 Fuck Live aka Virus & Budburnerz + The Deathmaker - Time To ...  

DD00040 Hibou - Born In Darkness
June 2013
Geboren In Trauer  
Geboren In Trauer (DJ Freak Version)  
Geboren In Trauer (DJ Freak Fucking Hardcore Remix) Bonus Track  

Antistatic ANT30 Various - Antistatic 3.0
May 2013
Dark Frequencer - Imachination  
AnTraxid - (p)Resident E-Vil  
Kyan el Loco - Beautiful  
FIFTH ERA - unreleased untitled dubplate from 2007  
Lord Sinister feat. Mancubus - Pandore  
Cyberstruct - Less Than Godless  
  Desolation - BloodBathClub  
  X-Core - Enter The Fire  
  DJ Freak - The Gerber Syndrome  
  Jeff T - Codex Gigas  
  Shatterling - Shaper of Things  
  M.G.S - The Dark Knight Rises  
  Hunterwolf - Quadrakill (dedicated to Minkiatony Blue)  
  Darklime - Terror Underground (Underground Violence's Speedcore Underground Remix)  
  The Acolyte & Dead By Silence - Drugs In Audio Form (La Magra Remix)  
  The Acolyte - The Core Of Your Sickness (DJ NexOne Remix)  
  FA23 - Uncontrollable Jack  
  Darklime - Trip To My 8?-?Bit Childhood (Forsaken Is Dead Remix)  
  Darklime - Trip To My 8?-?Bit Childhood (Embrionyc Remix)  
  Ranxx - Handz Up  
  Vehemens Ira - Ultraviolence  
  Vehemens Ira - Chant of Sin  
  Grigio - Hardcore Crack  
  Grigio - The Dark Presence  
  Calum Moore - Blockbuster  
  Calum Moore - End Of The Line  
  Calum Moore - Kickdrum Deluxe  
  Extroah - Deathdraft  
  Extroah - Deathdraft VIP  
  Embrionyc - Audio Tape Crash  
  Embrionyc - Present Future (Original 2006 Edit)  
  Embrionyc - This Is Not A Daydream (Gamma Edit)  

Hardcore Shelter Hardcore Shelter #1
May 2013
Hibou - Everything Is Linked  
Fifth Era - Gundabherundanarasimha  
Lord Sinister - War  
The Uninvited - We Are Wormfood  
Minimum Syndicat - Calavera  
Darkside - Destination Unknown (Cereberal Mix)  
  Sarin Assault & Librah - Flawless  
  Torgull - Halo  
  K-Rob - Bowed Steel  
  Speedloader As The Dark Dart - Fix Of Cool  
  Maniak - Metalbanger  
  DJ TSX - You And Nobody Else  
  Budburnerz & Hardcoholics - Callgirlz  
  Burning Lazy Persons - Break Through The Divide  
  Calum Moore - Terminate (X-Mind Remix)  

DSE004 Hibou - Les Montreurs De Diable
May 2013
La Fontaine Des Chartreux (Feat. Sandra C.)  
La Salle De La Meduse (Feat Sandra C.)  

Antistatic ANT29 Darklime - Emotions Remixes
December 2012
Darklime - Emotions  
Darklime - Emotions (Industrial Mix)  
Darklime - Emotions (DRKLM's 'Black Mass' Doomcore Mix)  
Darklime - Emotions (Cyberstruct´s Dark Emotions Mix)  
Darklime - Emotions (Kyan El Loco Remix)  
Darklime - Emotions (Speakerdeamon Remix)  
  Darklime - Emotions (DJ NexOne Remix)  
  Darklime - Emotions (Dead By Silence Remix)  
  Darklime - Emotions (Shatterling Remix)  
  Darklime - Emotions (Hibou Version)  
  Darklime - Emotions (Desolation Remix)  
  Darklime - Emotions (Explicit Remix)  
  Darklime - Emotions (DJ Freak Remix)  
  Darklime - Emotions (DJ Freak's Overdose Remix)  


Infractive Digital VA Hardcore & Hardstyle - The Massacre
October 2012
Minupren - Rapid Fire  
Lord Of Bass - I Give You Hardcore (Original Mix)  
Painbringer - True (The Untitleds Monotron Hell Remix V2)  
Solar Eclipse - The Future  
Dj Overlead - Before Of Hard (Special Intro)  
The Untitled - Iss Expedition 30-31  
  Embrionyc - It'S Over, She Said  
  Xamidium - I Dont Wanna Grow Up (Original)  
  Sandy Warez - We Are In The Dark (Krtm Remix)  
  Mayhem - The Carver (Noisy R3t4rd Remix)  
  Desolation - The Other World  
  Ak-Industry Ft. Dystopik - Skull And Bones  
  Somatic Responses - Crempog  
  Starving Insect & Omnicide - The Deafening Howl Of A Dead Future  
  Whitepasta - Damn Computer  
  Unscarred & Kaali - Duffy Drunk (Original Version)  
  Shadowcore - Industrial Underground (Swedish Mix)  
  Apothecary - Bass Ravers (Old School Mix)  
  Remy - Industrial Underground (French Mix)  
  Upraiser - Fall Down (Thoqy Hardcore Remix)  
  Penta Grom - 2012 (Style Of Hard Version)  
  Kompressor - Steht Auf  
  Noise Invasion - Hardstyle Identity  
  Skim - Focus Disintegrator Ray  
  Hibou - Lille - Europe 2 Flight Cases On A Platform (R.I.P. Goons)  
  Stolen Cult - Bang To The Streets  
  Shadowfiend Dn - Operation False Flag  
  Clubb-Tuners - Und Was Ist Mit Samstag (Hardbass Mix)  
  Frontal - Eu Madness  
  J.Ru - Defected (Jendrik De Ruvo Mixture)  
  Dr. Strange - Pandemic  
  Stormtrooper - A Part Of You Remains  
  Solar Eclipse - Invasion Of The Body Snatchers  
  The Guard - The Unknown  
  Arktis & Lord Nord - Whats The Fuck  
  Omkara Techichi - Glory Of The Emperor  
  Onikore - Archangels Were Hippies (Alryk Remix)  
  Sei2ure - Bitch Slapping  
  Raum 107 - Lucifer (The Knowledge)  
  Biotek - Alien Of The Dark  
  Weisses Rauschen - The Energy We Need  
  Alex Gonzao - Your Species Will Fall (Zbeat Remix)  
  Meema Hard S - 5 Elements! (Original Mix)  
  Kronoz - Summer Vibe (Original Mix)  
  Destructorz - The Music (Original Mix)  
  B-Twinz - Dirrrty (Radio Edit)  
  John Jackson - You Live In A Fabricated World  
  Ferren - R U Ready  
  Morice Philipe - Jump (Hardstyle)  
  Distort Guyz - Rising Light (Original Mix)  
  Dj Karko - Sunshine Madness (Original Mix)  
  3nity - Life & Death  
  Hoxygen Feat Krystal Em - La Musique Parfait (Da Mayh3m Hardstyle Radio Edit)  
  Dj Trancemaster - My Happyness (Dj K96 Remix Edit)  
  Messiah Inc. - Hardstyle Rises  
  Matthew - Step By Step (Raweez Remix)  

Legion Nightmare LN01 My Name Is Legion
October 2012
Lord Sinister – We Are One  
Nekra Damage – Memory Lapse  
Andrealphus – Entsetzlichreise  
Doom HK – Spectrum In The Fog  
Hells Authority – Journey Into Afterlife  
Ybrid – Vortiko  
  Mancubus – Wicked Spirit  
  Hibou – The Box Of Tears  
  Fantom – It Smells Fear  
  Redmore – A Mysterious Murderer  
  Desolation – Setsunai  
  Mental D-struction – Die Aufklärung  

Viral Conspiracy VC074 Hibou - Remote Pleasures
October 2012
Violence Indifference  
Et In Arcadia Ego (Part 1)  
Violence Indifference (Orpheus Version)  
Et In Arcadia Ego (Part. 1 - Pollock Version)  

NOISJLTD-03 The Illuminati & Hibou - Hybrid Decision
July 2012
The Illuminati & Hibou - Hybrid decision (The Illuminati Mix)  
The Illuminati - Switch Glitch  
The Illuminati & Hibou - Hybrid decision (Hibou Mix)  
Hibou - Lille-Europe 2 Flight Cases On A Platform (R.I.P. Goons)  


Antistatic21 VA - Doomed Nation 2102
May 2012
AnTraxid - The Abyss  
Mancubus - Vortex  
Dark Sequencer - No Future  
Lord Sinister - The Nine's Tragedy  
X-Core - Power  
Desolation - The World Burns  
  Fifth Era - Raw From Charlie III  
  Hibou - Common Stories For Ants  
  Erebus - Mary  
  Xaero - The Reckoning  
  Cyberstruct - I Am The Swamp & You Are Drowning  


VC01110111000 Matt Green - The Remixes Infection
October 2011
Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by N.E.S.  
Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by EMBRIONYC  
Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by CUBIC NOMAD  
Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by NEGATIVE NETWORK  
Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by HIBOU  
Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by FREETHINKER  
  Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by DJ T42 AKA DEATHCUT  
  Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by ANDY THE CORE  
  Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by THE DESASTAMASTA  
  Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by GRIGIO  
  Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by THE PAIN BARRIER  
  Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by SADISTICIAN  
  Matt Green - Searching for the Lord - Infected by NOIZEFUCKER  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by ANGEL ENEMY  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by DJ FREAK  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by LETOPROCESS  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by FREETHINKER  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by THE DESASTAMASTA  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by IEMPEROR  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by REFLECTI  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by DARKESHEN  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by X-MIND  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by AKIRADEATH  
  Matt Green - Bootleg - Infected by THE PAIN BARRIER  
  Matt Green - Bootleg/Searching For The Lord - Infected by NEVERMIND  
  Matt Green - Bootleg/Searching For The Lord - Infected by PIRATE MIND  


NH/USA Provokation Records - Interaktion
September 2011
Mother Mary - God Is Dead  
Seppuku & Cogex - Dead Flesh Animation  
Matt Green & Depth Error - Preacher Man  
Frankie Bones Vs CircuitBreaker - Bounty Hunters Revenge  
CDR - De La Noise  
Cyane - Just A Few More Hate  
  Sadistician Vs Boki - Gone All Funny (Psychedelic death vomix)  
  MiddleM - Corpus  
  SuNao Inami- We'd Never Close Again  
  Stormtrooper Vs The Deathmaker - L is Tik (Stormtroopers Static Edit)  
  Mental D-struction - Opening  
  Nina Terrorista - Libre Albedrio  
  Alx B - Last Man Left Alive  
  BudBurNerZ - Fuck Dem All (featuring Paul Fiction)  
  Glurff - Blockbusta Theme  
  Takkan - Beer In Right Hand Knive In Left Hand  
  Crazy Eddie - A House Of Decay  
  Lili Refrain - Ictus  
  Dold Sistaz- Gothica  
  Darkside - Bloody Revolutions  
  DJ Peter - Fuck You  
  Krank - Motive A Undead (distor version intrumental)  
  Fire At Work - In 7 Ozonelle2  
  VNDL - Ticket For Gahrena  
  Hibou - Persona Non Grata  
  Ars Dada - Beth (Provokation special edit)  
  Karen Tovar & Microfono Patan & Montes - Amanecer De La Loma  
  DJ Na - ShitCircles  
  Hakke Mitch - Anadacnilreb  
  Revision - Freres De Sang  
  Oxatmi - Pon Farr  


Dark Like Hell DLH010 Raum 107 - New Born Porn
July 2011
New Born porn (Original Porn)  
New Born Porn (Lord Sinister Porn)  
New Born Porn (Redmore Porn)  
New Born Porn (Dark Invaders Porn)  
New Born Porn (Kompressor Porn)  
New Born Porn (Hibou Porn)  
  New Born Porn (Bassrider Porn)  
  New Born Porn (Embrionyc Porn)  
  New Born Porn (Antrax Porn)  
  New Born Porn (Darkside Porn)  
  New Born Porn (Urian Porn)  


Provokation 02 Attraktion From The Other Side
March 2009
Fuck V (Rioteer/Hibou version)
Individualism (Merk)
Run From The Grave (Moleculez)
My Fucking Head (David Lagon)


Vault 106 NetLabel Vault 106 - Various Artists Vault 000 - The Stalkers
February 2008
Badbeat-Crew - Happy Children  
Playmates On The Run - come to me  
Glam Rectal - Conan The Peydey  
Wäks - Bicycle  
Teenage Sin Taste - Swallow Me  
  Malakwa - Man with the mask  
  Zombiebass - Ubermench  
  Sixteen Sinners - Trash  
  1969 Was Fine - Altamont Baby (Live)  
  Como Muertos - Orgia  
  Kapt'n Flow - Trepanning  
  Mutagenik X-Tazy - Fallout Shelter 106  
  Harvey Robertson - Smoking Free Acid Body  
  Wilfuck versus Hibou - La Peur De L'Inconnu  
  Fost - Biface Sun  
  Jean Louis Costes - Le Roi M'a Dit  
  Advocated Apocalypse - They Want You Dead  
  Les Modules Etranges - Fragile Flesh  
  Theoretical Limit - Shaman Trip  
  Nummer123 - Enumere  
  Pipchild - Deaf insight  
  My Recluse - Tell Me Your Innocence  
  Coldmind Project - Waste City  
  Serial Industrie - Les Effluves d'Aciers  


Carbon Drum Carbon Drum Compilation 01
Decembre 2007
Elektro, Darkwave, Industrial
Feat Hibou - Mademoiselle Tristesse


Dark Temple 04 The Martyrs Of Doom - The Invisible Tragedy
July 2007
Paris Under Doom (Feat. Flo Binaire)
Der Nebel (Feat Johell)
Paris Under Doom (Joshua version)
Planet Doom (Feat Johell)


PKGCD29 Joshua - Prohibited Love
April 2006
Loneliness, Or One Is Alone  
My Death  
Doom Kontrol  
The Martyrs Of Doom - Paris Under Doom (Joshua version)  
In Vonna  
Space Tracker  
  Internal Tear  
  Loud Cerebral  
  Big Trash Accelerate  


HBCD 04 Hellbound - Assassins Registration
June 2005
Mixed by The Rapist
DJ D Feat. Diego Buffoni - Fuck Everybody
Re-Style - Relytser
Promo - Insp-Her-Ation
Buzz Fuzz - Gone... (Wake Up)
  Bass-D & DJ Viruz - Hit The Woofer
  G-Town Madness vs. The Viper - Buck' Em Down
  Catscan - The Agency
  E-Noid - Antichrist
  DJ Outblast vs. DJ D - Electroshocking
  T-Junction & Osiris - What's Up With Life (Masters Of Ceremony Remix)
  Hellsystem - Dead Motherfucker
  DJ Dione - Our Future
  Buzz Fuzz - Men Of Teflon
  Noize Suppressor - Bone Crusher
  Dr. Z-Vago - Biohazard Muthafucka
  Jappo & Lancinhouse - Exlxaxl (Evil Activities & Neophyte Remix)
  Lo-Fi - Murder International
  Partyraiser & DJ Triax - Massacre
  Dr. Z-Vago - Hate Me
  DJ Viruz Feat. Bass-D - 99 Problems
  Delta 9 & Lenny Dee - Nobody Likes The Records That I Play
  Beaud - Pulp Intro
  Hypnotizer - Normality Is Insanity
  Terrorfakt - Ick
  Facehoover - Voices
  Hibou - The Curse (Tieum remix)
  Fracture 4 - Cold Fire
  Xerox - Funky Metalz
  The Negotiator - Anomir
  The Vinyljunk - Freaked Out On Acid
  Tieum vs Hibou - Dig It
  Partyraiser vs. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Don't Get Stuck
  Deathmachine - Invalid Concept
  Fracture 4 - Fuck You And Everybody That Look Like You
  ATK - Fuck Da Killer
  Deathmachine - Compressive Behaviour
  Justice - Kokane (Znooptokkiedrokz Remix)
  Tieum - No Sympathy
  Partyraiser vs. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Nitromethan
  Lenny Dee & Radium - Syphillis Spread
  Delta 9 & Lenny Dee - Computer Core
  Merk - Black Roots
  Industrial Terror Squad - Azzidized
  The Horrorist - Ich Habe Die Macht
  Epsilon - Nobodycansaveyou (Remix)


February 2005
Mixed by Dj Partyraiser
T-Junction Feat. Rudeboy & Tomcat - Transmigration
The Rapist & Tieum - Excalibur
Tieum - You What
D-Passion - Wake Up And Become
  Broken Rules - Splitside
  Fracture 4 - Ruptured
  Alex B & D-Passion - De Spelregels
  DJ Kristof - Golden Dawn (Lunatic & Miss Hysteria Feat. DJ Wicked Remix)
  Placid K - Malediction
  Partyraiser Feat. The Negotiator - No Negotiations
  Unexist - Liberate
  The Negotiator - Miserable Span Of Existence
  Hibou - Inquistion (Part1) (Tieum version)
  Pan Pangenetor - Zero Is All
  Partyraiser & Triax - Saw RX-69
  DJ Jappo vs. Lancinhouse - Exlxaxl (DT 6 Remix)
  Unexist - Lias
  Razor Edge - Hard Beat
  Tieum - Dog Mixing Disco 2
  Tieum - Ready 2 Party
  Lenny Dee & Radium - Who's Next
  D-Xtreme - D-Xtreme
  The Nihilist - No Freestyle
  Dementure & BMH - Hazardz
  Partyraiser & DJ Triax - Assassins
  The Rapist - The Second Fear
  Terrorfakt - Achtung
  Slave Friese - Proper Cooperative Groove
  Negative A - Downloadable Suicide
  Deimos & 105 Kilo Maarten - Hats Through Me
  Andy Arsonist - Temptations
  Broken Rules - Blast Off
  Sidephex & Deimos - Artificial Stimulans
  The Rapist Feat. MC Frezh - The Ride
  Tieum - Tresso
  Broken Rules - Slickster
  The Rapist - Mortal Fear (Face Hoover Remix)
  Dave Speed - Psycore
  Tocsin - Vanity
  Face Hoover - Mess/Age
  Fracture 4 - False Memory
  The Negotiator - Mass Destruction
  Tieum - Like That
  Radioactive - Disturbed
  Lowtek & Satronica - Halo
  DJ Kristof & Bad Boy - Seasons Of Mist
  KVN - Misery & Suffering
  Beaud - Getta Fucka
  KVN - Clown Killer
  Deathmachine - Hydraulix Malfunction


Psychik Genocide CD17 Joshua - Saevus
October 2004
The Outside Agency - Machine Slavery  
Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived 2003 (Manu Le Malin Rmx)  
The DJ Producer - Doomsday Mechaniks  
Dr Strange - Into The Abyss  
Joshua - Imas Qui Serat Ez Quiell Yoga  
Le Bruit Qui Court - March Of The Infamous  
  The DJ Producer - A Journey Of Force (The Realm Remix)  
  The Outside Agency - Dark Serenity  
  Moleculez - After Earth  
  The Outside Agency - The Resurrection  
  DJ Stahlin - The 13th Warrior  
  Middle M - Devil Desire  
  Badtaz - Bjeurk  
  Micron - Wake Me Up  
  Joshua - Fucking Soccer  
  Radium - Multimedia 2003  
  SpeedyQ"s - Yrrebwar  
  Matt Green - Cage  
  Soam - Underground  
  Joshua Feat. Middle M - What Do You Say?  
  Producer vs. Hellfish - International Muthafukkas  
  Maniak - 1234  
  Leeloo - My Pain  
  Joshua - Strange Belief  
  Joshua - Fidus Mortuus  


Night School Rec 04

Tieum vs Hibou - Blasphem

December 2003
Tieum versus Hibou - Techno Military
Tieum - Freaks
Hibou - Inquisition (Part 1)
Hibou - Inquisition (Part 1) Tieum version


UWE 13Core Vol. 2
October 2002
Dr Strange - Evacuation  
BudBurnerz – Silentstorm  
Promo – Day Of Anger  
D-Syndrome vs. Face Hoover – Messiah  
Armageddon Project – In The Underworld  
Turbulence – 6 Million Ways To Die  
  Nasenbluten – Steelworks Requiem  
  Noize Creator – Nasenbluten (Remix)  
  Aphasia – Kronik (Joshua Remix)  
  Dummy Plug Conspiracy – Baphomet Slut  
  Akira – Hing Hong Stylee  
  John Dark – Space Fright  
  XMF – Magnetic Storm